Music Africa TV caught up with John Agoha the “Selense” crooner in early March 2016, while He was on set for the Video shoot of the hit single titled “Jehovah”.  Agoha, who has a brand new hit audio
“Praise Him” rocking the Nigerian and African airwaves, granted us an interview where He spoke specifically on this Video and what makes it so special. Check out the details below:

Q: Why did you choose White?

Agoha: I chose white because of the song, the song is a motivational song, and the song is a touching song. “White” stands for purity and right now we are talking about his mercies, greatness and awesomeness of him, so we wanted to use a color that makes the song look very beautiful.


Q: What inspired you to sing Jehovah?

Agoha: I got the inspiration when I was sitting downstairs alone one day. The song came; not that I wrote the song, and not that something inspired it or maybe I was going through any pain or difficulties, but the song just came and I had to do it. As the song came that day and it started ringing in my brain, I had to record the song.


Q: How do you describe the song?

Agoha: The song is a very great song, it is talking about life, about what people went through, what people have gone through, about everybody’s beginning, where you started from. It’s a song that makes you know that nobody is your God, nobody can take the Glory of God & if anybody wants to play the role of God in your life, it can’t really work. That’s what the song is talking about.


Q: What the source of motivation when people call you and talk about the song?

Agoha: I’m very happy; most times I feel very excited because I never believed that this song will go far. The responses I get from people makes me feel I’m on the right track doing the right thing.


Q: Who Produced, Mixed and Mastered the song?

Agoha: The song was produced by Joe Genius, and it was mixed and mastered by Ifexxz.


Q: Who directed the video?

Agoha: The director of the video is Matt Max I call him the director of life


Q: How will you describe the concept of the video?

Agoha: The concept of the video is very simple and easy, something that everybody can relate with. We’re not trying to make the video complicated or take away the emotional part of it by putting too much drama into the video where people will be confused or carried away. We are trying to pass a message.


Q: Why inspirational Music?

Agoha: The reason why I did inspirational music is because I started getting calls from different people and they said “You have a good voice and I think you can do well, when you do inspirational songs that could touch lives right now”.


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